A First Sleepover!

A First Sleepover!
The boys hosted their first ever sleepover last night! It was so much fun for them. It was a lot of work and very tiring for Garrick and I, but it was totally worth it because the kids had such a blast! It went a lot more smoothly than I had anticipated, so that was a bonus. All the kids made it through the night at our house, too. Although, one of them did join me in the big bed. I didn’t mind. 😀 

We had pizza for dinner, the kids watched a lot of TV and ate chips and dip (being the health conscious Mom I am, I made sure there was a plate of veggies. It was never touched.) Ice cream before bed was in order and then we read “Pinkalicious” (yes, there were girls at the sleepover!) “Arthur’s First Sleepover” and Dr. Suess’s “Sleep Book.” Donuts and Life cereal were on the table for breakfast.

Garrick decided that the next sleep over that we host will be in tents outside in the back yard.
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  1. Thanks for having Lily over. She had a wonderful time. You’re going to have to send the kids to my house for a sleepover in the next few months.

    Also, I saw your post about the Susan Wise books. Lily said she would like to have Saturday morning class with me, so I ordered the first book and workbook. We shall see if it turns out well.

  2. Awesome! She was so good. I think you will both enjoy Story of the World. I know T is.

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