So, yeah. It’s been a long time since my last blog update. Almost a year. There are just so many problems with this blog at the moment that both G and I have been avoiding fixing it. I haven’t been able to upload any media to this site for a very long time. My answer to that was to start using Posterous.

Unfortunately, that service was discontinued last year and now all of my images are gone too. G has my Posterous site backed up somewhere, but it will be a monumental task trying to get all of the content transferred back over here. Don’t forget the fact that I STILL cannot upload any media to this site, so I’ll probably continue to avoid using my blog….

Get Some Garb!

Get Some Garb!

My new friend Kari makes early medieval clothing. While I haven’t actually seen these clothes in person, I can only imagine that they are as amazing as the woman who makes them!

If I ever have any extra money (hahahahahahaha!) I’ll have to commission her to make a dress similar to the red velvet one pictured in the gallery on her site.


Everyday Archaea



I haven't participated since Hunter was a baby, but there is a fantastic program in the DC area called SHARE. It's actually been so long since the last time I used it, that they've done a complete site overhaul since I last saw it. If you are interested in the SHARE program, here is an FAQ direct from their site:

What is SHARE and how can I participate?

SHARE is a non-profit community development organization offering a nutritious food package (about a $40.00 – $45.00 value) to anyone for $20.00 (add transportation in some areas) plus two hours of volunteer service. SHARE is not a governmental program and is funded solely by the price of the food package.

How does SHARE work?

By pooling thousands of dollars across the nation, SHARE purchases food at wholesale prices and passes the savings on to its participants. Volunteers re-package food purchased in bulk and distribute it throughout a network of SHARE Host Sites in the DC Metropolitan area.

What is in the SHARE Package?

Each package contains 13-14 items consisting of 5-7 lbs. of meat, fresh fruits, vegetables, and staple grocery items (rice, pasta, potatoes, etc.). The package is designed to supplement a family's food budget with savings of up to 50% over local grocery store prices. More details here!

What is the SHARE Specialty Package?

Occasionally, SHARE will offer a special package geared toward the holidays or season. For example, Turkey Packages are offered during the Thanksgiving Holiday distribution, a Superbowl Party Package is offered in January, and a Steak Package is offered in the spring and summer. These special packages still enable participants to receive quality food at a great price! More details here!

Can I participate?

SHARE is open to anyone who wishes to participate by giving two hours of volunteer service and paying $20 (add transportation in some areas) for the monthly food package. There are no income or eligibility guidelines.

How can I pay for my SHARE Package?

SHARE accepts cash, money orders, organizational checks, food stamps or EBT cards as a form of payment. Packages cost $20.00. Some participants may pay an additional $1.00 per package for transportation fees.

What is a SHARE Host Site, and where can I find one?

A SHARE Host Site is an organization that is sponsored by a church, school, community or neighborhood group, and in partnership with SHARE, agrees to…

  • Promote the SHARE mission and philosophy in their community and provide caring service motivated by a desire to help others.
  • Register participants and organize community service opportunities.
  • Report monthly food orders and remit payment to SHARE on Order Turn-In Day.
  • Provide adequate transportation and a distribution site for SHARE food packages each month.

For more information about becoming a SHARE Host Site, please call 301-864-3115 or 1-800-217-4273.

Find your local SHARE host site here.

Is there a transportion fee?

SHARE has four distribution cities outside of our main warehouse in Hyattsville, MD:  Baltimore, Hagerstown, and Hughesville, MD and Fredericksburg, VA.

In order to keep food costs low, SHARE requires each package purchased through host sites who pick up at these four "satellite" sites be charged $1.00 transportation fee.

SHARE does not deliver individual packages.

Is SHARE a charity?

SHARE is a self-help program. Each person who participates in the network helps themselves obtain affordable and nutritious groceries.

It is a non-profit organization that takes donations to help reduce the costs.

Is the food in the SHARE Package donated?

No. The food is purchased with the money that participants contribute. Each month, quality food is purchased through smart buying and a network of national vendors.

Does SHARE take food away from places that serve the needy?

No. Food pantries, soup kitchens, and rescue programs rely upon donated and recycled items. All of SHARE's food is purchased fresh each month. Actually, programs for the needy can benefit from SHARE in many ways. We have forged many community partnerships with these organizations.

How can SHARE provide good, supermarket-quality food packages for only $20.00?

There are two main reasons why SHARE can do this. First, we purchase food in bulk for our participants – that keeps the prices low. Second, the power of volunteerism enables us to distribute tons of food at minimal costs. Volunteers make SHARE work. We are pooling our resources to achieve common goals and achieve SHARE's mission.

An Afternoon In Occoquan

An Afternoon In Occoquan
Wednesdays we have a music class and on the way home we always pass by Occoquan. Today I wanted to make a stop there to visit 13 Magickal Moons, a magick/witch/pagan shop. I went in there for the first time on Sunday and wanted to see if they had something to help heal my foot. The kids and I wound up spending the rest of the afternoon in Occoquan. 

The boys were absolutely tickled with the shop because not only are there a bunch of cats chilling in the place, the woman that was working that day had her four week old baby with her. The kids both love babies and it was an exercise in futility trying to keep them away from the little dude. They thought it was just fantastic that you put change in a little jar on top of the fridge to get sodas and were fascinated with all of the herbs for sale. They're already asking if they can go back. Maybe the shop will start doing some children's class's at some point.

After we got out of there, we walked (hobbled) up to the Occoquan Mill Museum. I would like to to go back either with Garrick or once I'm out of my cast. While the museum is very very small, it has all sorts of wonderful artifacts from Occoquan's history. They even had a table full of stuff for kids to touch and feel. Trent was delighted that he could write his own name in their guest book.

I got a request from the kids to visit one more "fun place." So we crossed the street and went to Tastefully Yours. We got some gelato and ate it outside. In January. Because it was seventy degrees out! (Shakes head.) 

My Homework

My Homework

Occasionally, Trent likes to give me "homework" and this is what he made for me today. I had to fill in the "A" he made for me. I think this letter "maze" came out beautifully and shows me that he can be very careful and precise when he wants to be. I'm pretty pleased with this. 

A First Sleepover!

A First Sleepover!
The boys hosted their first ever sleepover last night! It was so much fun for them. It was a lot of work and very tiring for Garrick and I, but it was totally worth it because the kids had such a blast! It went a lot more smoothly than I had anticipated, so that was a bonus. All the kids made it through the night at our house, too. Although, one of them did join me in the big bed. I didn’t mind. 😀 

We had pizza for dinner, the kids watched a lot of TV and ate chips and dip (being the health conscious Mom I am, I made sure there was a plate of veggies. It was never touched.) Ice cream before bed was in order and then we read “Pinkalicious” (yes, there were girls at the sleepover!) “Arthur’s First Sleepover” and Dr. Suess’s “Sleep Book.” Donuts and Life cereal were on the table for breakfast.

Garrick decided that the next sleep over that we host will be in tents outside in the back yard.
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